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Draft beverage options for your bar

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Adding draft options to your food trailer or mobile bar build will increase your ROI.

Whether you are building a coffee trailer, mobile bar trailer, custom bakery trailer or a tap truck, having draft lines installed that can dispense a myriad of beverages will boost your sales and increase the flexibility of your build.


I am designing my build, but how do I decide if a draft system is right for my business?

Every build can benefit from having a draft option. Even if you are only planning on serving food from your pizza truck, food truck or bakery trailer, you still want to capture the market for beverages to accompany your food product. Every time you serve a food item, you could also be presenting your client with a beverage. If they don't buy a beverage from you, they will be buying it elsewhere.

Draft systems, when done properly, can dispense everything from wine and Prosecco to kombucha and mocktails. A draft system is not just for alcoholic beverages and will increase the profitability of your custom build when you not only for alcoholic options, but for non-alcoholic options as well like custom sodas, lemonades and even cold brew coffee.

A toast

I definitely want a draft system, but what will work best for my business model?

To answer this question, here are things to consider:

  1. Are you focusing on public or private events?

  2. What is your anticipated thru-put on a daily/event basis?

  3. What is your power supply and overall draw?

  4. How focused will you be on crafting your own beverages?

  5. How will beverages integrate into your business brand - it is your focus or a side element to accompany your main product?

With these questions in mind, we can guide you to choosing the right configuration for your new business. Whether it is a kegerator, jockey box, ice bath system, compressor system or a nitro coffee set up, we can integrate a system into your layout for optimum functionality and service and also teach you everything from sourcing to kegging.

Give us a call to find out how you can maximize your income by adding draft options to your mobile business build!


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