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Vintage Step Van Transformations

Vintage Step Vans are great for mobile coffee shops, vintage ice cream trucks, pop-up shops and more.   They bring a unique glamour to your mobile business build. 

Step vans have gained immense popularity in the food truck industry for many reasons. These versatile vehicles offer a host of advantages that make them ideal choices for food trucks, ice cream trucks, and coffee trucks alike.  Vintage Step vans offer a unique nostalgic take on the average modern delivery step van food truck.

Vintage Step Vans Ice Cream

Pricing begins at $110,000 and final pricing is influenced by equipment choice, model of the van you choose and design finishes. Reach out for a quote today to learn more and to customize a vintage step van for your mobile business. 

Beautiful Ice Cream Truck

Step Vans provide ample interior space and a flat, open layout that can be customized to accommodate various kitchen equipment and food preparation stations. This flexibility is essential for food entrepreneurs who need to create a functional workspace while ensuring efficient workflow.


They offer easy maneuverability and can navigate a wide range of urban and suburban locations, making them a practical choice for clients who do not want to tow a trailer. Their compact size allows them to fit into tight parking spaces or access crowded streets, ensuring you can bring your product to most all locations.

originally delivery trucks

While step vans have become the preferred choice for food trucks, ice cream trucks, and mobile coffee shops due to their spacious interiors, mobility, and durability, vintage step van food trucks offer a nostalgic unique take on this driveable. 


When launching your mobile business, it is important to create a branded look to separate yourself from your competitor.   A rare vintage step van does just this.

Vintage step vans were originally delivery trucks and they are built to withstand the rigors of delivery routes, while handling demands of daily food service operations and providing peace of mind to food truck owners.  Our Vintage step van food trucks come complete with a new engine, new transmission and new mechanical components.   This mechanical swap takes the stress out of maintaining older less reliable mechanical parts and ensures your van will start and run with ease for many years to come.  This added reliability to a vintage van helps you put the focus back on building your business, where it should be. 

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