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Preparing to work with us

What are the first steps to get ready?

Choose your Model & Budget












Choose your equipment




Secure your financing

Finalize your quote and secure your construction date!​

Your trailer, truck or stepvan or vehicle size depends on what you will be serving, your equipment needs, your health department regulations and your volume of service.   We always want you to grow with your build, not grow out of it when you achieve success.   

When choosing between a trailer and a truck or stepvan, it's important to consider your budget for the project, the need to purchase a tow vehicle and the locations where you will be serving.

We have stock models (models that are pre-configured for bars or coffee) and also build custom projects.  

Our Pricing begins at:

DIY Business Model Trailer:  $40,000

Stock Bar Trailer: $44,000

Stock Coffee Trailer: $56,000

Vintage Step Vans: $110,000

Final pricing will depend on your equipment, size of trailer or vehicle and the design elements you will choose to reflect your van. 

Custom Project starting prices can be quoted by emailing us

Your success not only rides on your hard work, but also on your equipment.  How will you sell large volumes of product?  Choose your equipment type and we can guide you to the best equipment in a mobile setting to allow for your success. 

How are you financing your project?  Take a look at our blog here to learn ways to finance your project.

We work with M2 Equipment Finance to help you finance your project.   Reach out here to speak to Richard about your vision.  Remember to account for shipping from our Jacksonville shop in zip code 32206.


Whether it is through traditional bank financing or non-traditional methods, you will want to organize and secure your financing so you can put down your 50% deposit.   While you may not have all the elements worked out yet,  you can use our starting pricing guidelines to determine your budget.  Remember that your budget can be greatly affected by the equipment you choose.   (For example, Espresso machines can range in price from $3500 to above $25,000).


Once you have spoken to your lender, reach out to us and we can finalize a contract for you that will include all the equipment and design elements.   You can then take this invoice to your lender to finalize financing.  Just like with an auto loan, we can add your lender as the lien holder on your trailer. 

Now that you have your financing in place, it is time to finalize your quote with us. Reach out to us and schedule a consultation so we can review your concept, equipment list and health department codes to make sure you have covered everything for success.   


Now you are ready to sign your contract and book your construction date with your 50% deposit. 

Build lead times vary from 3 -6 months depending on the complexity of your concept.  Final completion date is dependent on our client volume and waitlist. 

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