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Mini Trucks and Vans

Mini trucks, often referred to as Kei trucks, have gained popularity as excellent options for mobile businesses, including mobile coffee shops and branded pop-up shops. These smaller street legal vehicles offer several advantages that make them well-suited for entrepreneurs looking to start a mobile business or expand their existing operations.

Imported Mini trucks and vintage mini trucks are known for their unique look, fuel efficiency and compact size.  They are a great alternative to the vintage Piaggio Ape, as mini trucks are street legal.   


We transform vintage mini trucks such as the Subaru Sambar and more modern Kei mini trucks for businesses like coffee shops, flower trucks, mobile retail shops and more. 

These smaller mobile business trucks can offer lower start up costs than larger food truck models like vintage step vans and costs well below that of a brick and mortar shop.


Customizing a mini truck can be a cost-effective way to bring your entrepreneurial vision to life.  Reach out to us today to see how we can create your mobile business dream with a mini truck. 

Mini truck pricing begins at $45,000.

Subaru Sambar for sale
Subaru Sambar for sale
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