Mobile Business

How to Start a Mobile Business With a Mobile Bar Trailer or a Piaggio Ape

With a booming economy, people are spending more money than ever on special celebrations like weddings and bachelorette parties. People are happily splurging to make these moments as unique and memorable as possible. For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, all you need is a rusty old trailer to create a mobile bar sure to delight guests at any special event.
You’ve probably heard of food trucks. But have you heard of a mobile bar?
Hudson Trailer Company in upstate New York has been providing mobile bar for sale since our owner Suzanne Hasz bought a vintage 1959 Shasta trailer for $500 and transformed it into a mobile bar trailer. Since that Shasta was repurposed, we have designed a fleet for our own business.
All of our rental options started with an old vehicle or trailer, from the aforementioned Shasta to the Piaggio Ape and more, and have been transformed with great detail and expertise into bar trailers that have been featured in The Knot, Chronogram Magazine, and The New York Post (just to name a few).
Repurposing these lovable lunkers is a passion of ours. Not only do we build our own cavalcade of mobile bars for sale, but we also will customize your old trailer specifically as you’d like it. Once you have your unique bar trailer, you can build your own mobile bar rental business.
Suzanne and our team at Hudson Trailer Co. will communicate with you to bring your vision to life. We are also happy to help share ideas to help you boost your mobile business. It all starts with a vision and plan.
You can repurpose your trailer for personal use or provide elegant portable bar rentals for revelers to enjoy. We can custom build any design you believe in. We’ve built it all, from Prosecco trucks to beer carts to stogey rollers. Several clients of ours now call themselves business owners and have seen their mobile bar sales rise thanks to our creativity and craftsmanship.
A $200 side cart could become your $200,000 side-hustle, you never know! Got a Piaggio Ape lying around? It’s perfect for this! There are so many unique and brilliant items that we can bring to life. People are constantly inquiring about our custom made mobile bar for sale. We take great pride in the success of our mobile bar trail rental business because our bar trailers create lasting memories.
Think of the fun you could have with your own mobile business providing mobile bar for sale for special events. Creating lasting memories is a humbling concept to grasp. Think about your wedding, graduation or bachelor party. These unique portable bar rentals have the power to become an everlasting memory of a time cherished with the right drink with perfect friends. Take a chance on that old clunker and make some memories.