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Coffee Trailer

Coffee Trailer and Tap Truck Rentals are Game Changers for Weddings and Special Events

                         At Hudson Trailer Company in upstate New York and Jacksonville Florida, the perfect girls are sitting pretty waiting to attend your special event. Their names are Piper and Daisy and they are equipped to keep the good times coming all night long for you and your guests. We are talking, of course, about Piper and Daisy the Tap Truck and coffee trailer.
At Hudson Trailer Co, we have been repurposing vintage trailers, horse trailers, and other antique vehicles into gorgeous, classy mobile bars and coffee trailers for years. Our beer truck and tap truck rentals have been a fixture at countless weddings and other special events. If you have a special event coming up and libations need to be served I am sure our tap truck builds will bring elegance and flair to the party.
Who doesn't love an iced coffe on a hot summer day?
In addition to our beer trucks, we have a variety of other fanciful tap trucks and coffee trailers that are the perfect event trailers to launch your mobile business. We've built motorbike names Sturgil who serves up your favorite cigars, Wilbur and Goldie the horse bar trailers, Pixie the photo booth trailer and more! Each one of our mobile business rentals is tailored to serve more than drinks. You can have cigars, coffee, photos and of course your choice of wine, soda, mocktails, kegged cocktails, and sparkling wine. Prosecco is always a big hit at any event!
Not only does Hudson Trailer Co provide tap truck rentals, but we can also help you design and build your very own tap truck. We have helped people just like you repurpose old trailers and antiques into your very own mobile trailer bar. Some people love the idea of having their very own tap truck for when guests come to visit. However, we have helped many entrepreneurs launch their fleet to start a business with their own tap truck or coffee trailer.
Our founding fathers believed that we have certain unalienable rights and count amongst them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Is there any better way to celebrate life and freedom than enjoying your favorite libation around a vintage tap truck? Moments shared toasting friends and loved ones help remind us that we are on the right path along our pursuit of happiness.
We take great pride in our work and are humbled that so many people invite us to share in life’s greatest moments. Providing quality mobile businesses means so much more than just building a coffee trailer to do a job. It means we get to share our mobile business builds that have been built with passion and artful craftsmanship with people who are building their entrepreneurial dream and want to serve those gathering to find joy. If we can help someone build their dream and spread the joy with a beautiful antique or well designed mobile business, well, then that means everything.

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