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An Airstream Bar

Illuminate Your “Old” Airstream Trailer by

Transforming it into an Airstream Bar

In the 1920s the word was introduced to the Airstream brand of mobile trailers that changed the way families could travel the country. A hundred years later, the Hudson Trailer Company has found yet another way to use an Airstream trailer to change the way we enjoy our time with loved ones. We have repurposed the classic trailer and it’s polished aluminum coachwork into Airstream bars and people are loving it.
Back in the day, you’d find yourself enjoying the comfort of an Airstream trailer while on a road trip with the family and the bar would consist of whatever Uncle John could fit in his cooler. After our Airstream renovation and airstream polishing process, you can have several taps equipped to serve up beer, wine, sparkling wine, keg cocktails, etc. No matter the size of your Airstream trailer we can make it work.
Hudson Trailer Co prides itself on repurposing a variety of trailers into bars, photo booths, and even cigar humidors. The classic Airstream trailer design is no stranger to us and we would love to refurbish your trailer into your very own Airstream bar.
We will work with you every step of the process. In the end, your Airstream bar would be the precise design you had in mind. Once the Airstream renovation is complete, you can enjoy your very own trailer bar or start a rental business with it.
The possibilities are endless for a classic Airstream trailer. They are phenomenal to work with and when the airstream polishing service is complete, it pops like a fine champagne cork. So, hitch up the old Airstream trailer sitting at Grandmas or find one for sale that needs some love. Hudson Trailer would love to see you with your very own Airstream bar at your next special event.

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