Vintage Camper Bar

Hudson Trailer Company: Transforming Your “Old” Trailer into A Vintage Camper Bar

At Hudson Trailer Company in upstate New York, we can do some much more than just vintage trailer repairs. We can refurbish the finish, remove the rust and add a tap for you to serve up your favorite drinks. How many people can offer that with your vintage trailer renovation?
We all have visions for our antiques. At Hudson Trailer Company, our passion is to repurpose that old trailer you found on craigslist into a vintage camper bar that will be the life of any party or that perfect mobile business trailer you have always dreamed of.
Our first vintage camper bar came to life when our owner, Suzanne Hasz imagined how much fun it would be to take an old Shasta trailer and undergo a vintage trailer renovation. After pouring a balance of passion and craftsmanship into the project, the result was sensational and thereby launched the Hudson Trailer Company.
Today, we have repurposed our very own fleet of over a dozen vintage camper bars, horse trailer bars, vintage trailer photo booths, and a cigar truck and there are more on the way. We are blessed to provide our vintage trailers and mobile bars for special events like weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations and more.
So many wonderful opportunities have come to fruition thanks to a few vintage trailer repairs and renovations. Seeing our work featured in publications such as Orange County Magazine and The New York Post is a humbling reminder that we are doing something right.
However, we don’t just build our own trailer bar rentals. We also provide vintage trailer renovation for people who desire their very own vintage camper bar. People have brought in old horse trailers, campers, antique cars and more to us seeking a quality finished product. We work tirelessly and communicate to help make your vision for a vintage camper bar come to life.
While some people want a vintage trailer renovation or vintage trailer repair done for their private enjoyment, others have launched their very own bar rental companies. No matter what your reason for seeking a vintage trailer renovation, you better believe that we will take pride and care in making your vision a reality.
Whether you have an old trailer on hand, you have seen the Hudson Trailer Co’s collection, or find yourself inspired to find your own fixer-upper, we are here to help. Please check out our website to learn more about our custom builds and to hear testimonials from our satisfied customers. You can even give us a call at 718-908-6544 and we can start the process towards creating your very own vintage camper bar or mobile business trailer to enjoy.

To contact us click here!   Tel: 718-908-6544

Located in New York, United States

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