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Get your business off on the right foot with our 6 session entrepreneur class.  

Each Session is 30 minutes in length.


HTC Mobile Business Entrepreneur Class Covers The Following Topics:


1. Forming your company, registration and corporate entity. 

2. Tax Strategies and sales taxes

3. Domain Acquisition. Website Formation and building and SEO

4. Client Management Software set up and essentials

5. Social Media, Marketing, Networking, Best industry practices & resources 

6. Pricing and Packages

7. General Contracts

8. Selling your services, Managing clients

9. Alcohol Sourcing, wine in kegs and draft as well

10. Liquor Permitting, Licensing and Liability

11. Insurance types and limits

12. Staffing - Certification and Safe Serve, best practices and liability 

13. Proper response to the inquiry, regardless of the client

14. Prepping for your event, client questionaires, site visits and best communication for success

15. A day in the life of your build - you have an event, now what?!

16. Event do's and don'ts

17. Kegging your own beverages

18. Scaling your business




Mobile Business Entrepreneur Class (6 Sessions)

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