Bar Horse Trailer

How a Bad Night's Sleep Led to a Bar Horse Trailer and a Fleet of Mobile Bar Trailers

Hudson Trailer Company was born from the creative mind of Suzanne Hasz during a restless night of sleep. She thought to herself “[I should] hunt down a vintage Shasta trailer and turn it into a mobile bar to place on my Hudson Valley property.” Well, Suzanne did just that and has been making horse trailer bars, mobile bar trailers and mobile business trailers ever since. 
There are endless possibilities with the right work ethic and ingenuity. Hudson Trailer Company can expertly transform your horse trailer, vintage automobile or camper into a mobile bar trailer, coffee bar trailer, dessert bar, etc. These custom-built trailers can help you launch your own mobile business or simply delight guests when you are entertaining.
The attention to detail and design is what sets Hudson Trailer Company apart. We have many testimonials stating how clients love their mobile bar trailers and mobile businesses. Customers rave about how well Suzanne communicates during the process, providing pictures and considering every suggestion. The results of attention to detail and passion for the process are the most elegant trailer bars serving up your favorite beer, wine, Prosecco and more.
Any dream you have for your horse trailer, vintage auto, or vintage trailer is possible. Hudson Trailer Company has the experience and passion necessary to bring your trailer bar to life. Imagine rolling up (literally!) to an event with a custom horse trailer bar that you helped envision? Plenty of conversation starters right there in your backyard.
Not everyone owns a vintage trailer bar, though. Most of us look for unique and bold ways to separate our special events from others. The good news is we have a fleet of trailer bars and tap trucks that you can rent for your special occasion, as well.
Want a horse trailer bar to serve Prosecco? No problem. Need to wow Aunt Diane with mobile bar trailers that serve her favorite wines? Got it. All the boys coming to town for your bachelor party and you need some cigars? Give us a shout and invite Sturgil the Rolling Stogey.
Yeah, we even have whimsical names for our beloved mobile bar trailers. There is Goldie the horse trailer bar, Luigi the Prosecco truck, Della the bar trailer, Wilbur the horse trailer bar and so many more.
All these wonderful bar trailers have come to life since that restless night of sleep. There are so many more possibilities to transform some “hunk of junk” into a hunky, handsome mobile bar trailer. Whatever your dreams are for your faithful old trailers or your special event, keep Suzanne and all of us at Hudson Trailer Company in your thoughts. Your dreams will become a reality.

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Located in New York, United States

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